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I am 1UP • One United Power

The name 1UP is in just about every major German city. The crew, which began in Berlin about 10 years ago, has become something like the definition of All City and countless times they have acted far beyond the country's borders and are still active.

To celebrate the 10 year old Crew anniversary, the Crew put together the "I AM 1UP" exhibition in the Urban Spree Galerie in Berlin. During the exhibition, the Crew published the book- I am 1UP. With a total of 140 pages, there are plenty of flicks from the private archives of the crew members, behind the scenes shots, and of course plenty of Trains, Rooftops and action photos from decade 1UP!

In 2014 the I am 1UP book appeared under the name "Underground Edition". Since then it has been reprinted and is now available in international countries. 

Hardcover, Format: 30 cm x 21.5 cm, 140 pages, Text: German / English.


I am 1UP • One United Power


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