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OTR 655 Slimer

On The Run 655 Latex Paint Slimer is the first latex paint marker on the market! Thanks to a viscous and permanent latex paint, which can be squeezed directly from the tube or applied with a paint brush, it incurres unique 3D reliefs after drying, which are still visible after been repainted. Whether on the coarsest masonry, rusted steel or untreated wood - there are no limits set to the Slimer™. 

The colour is weather resistant after drying. You can dilute the latex paint with water or combine with acrylic paint to use on canvas. The small flask is really an universal tool to try a lot of new things! Now your creativity is in demand ... 

- water-based latex paint 
- odourless 
- water soluble 
- permanent and weatherproof and after drying 
- Content: 50 ml


OTR 655 Slimer

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  • White

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