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Freight Spotter 4

There is nothing better than painting or sometimes even watching freights! That's why we're gonna make your jaws drop with the Freightspotter #4 Magazine.

´The mag starts off with an interview and some neat pics by RAY52. After that you'll get some reminiscence of the good, old 90's with an Oldschool Special from Helsinki. And if this is not enough the next pages will show you the most colourful pieces of Europe and Northern America.

Among many others you will see some works by BASER, KOLD125, or OKER-KOC.

- Cover: softcover
- Category: trainwriting, graffiti
- Format: DIN A4
- Language: English
- Binding: staple binding
- Size 29.5 x 21 x 0.3 cm
- Pages: 50
- Release year: 2017


Freight Spotter 4

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