MTN 94 Spectro Maximize

MTN 94 Spectro 400ml

*We have more quantities available. Please contact us at: if you need more of any colors.

  • Specially designed for shadow and volume effects
  • Low Pressure
  • Fast Dry
  • Matt Synthetic Paint
  • 10 transparent colors

The Spectro colors has some peculiar characteristics that not so many people know of…
We are talking about nine different colors of semitransparent paint that can be used to highlight and create new tones depending on the amount applied on top of other colors. The black and the white are easy to use and very useful when wanting to apply shadows or reflections. Also, since the paint is of a matt type it never stands out on top of other MTN 94 colors creating excellent results.


MTN 94 Spectro

  • Shadow Black

  • Air White

  • Ethereal Yellow

  • Haze Orange

  • Soul Red

  • Breeze Green

  • Atmosphere Blue

  • Aura Violet

  • Judea Brown

  • Shadow Grey