MTN Water Based 5mm Maximize

MTN Water Based Marker 5mm

This super versatile marker can be applied in many ways thanks to its high opacity and its fast drying time. It's available in a range of 18 Matt finish colors. Complete adhesion within a 24 hour time frame.

The refills can be found here: MTN Water Based Paint 200ml


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MTN Water Based 5mm

  • Cadmium Yellow Medium

  • Azo Orange Light

  • Azo Orange

  • Naphtol Red

  • Quinacridone Rose

  • Quinacridone Magenta

  • Blue Violet Light

  • Dioxazine Purple

  • Phthalo Blue Light

  • Prussian Blue

  • Turquoise Green

  • Brilliant Yellow Green

  • Brilliant Light Green

  • Naples Yellow

  • Raw Sienna

  • Neutral Grey

  • Titanium White

  • Carbon Black