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MTN Limited Edition Estevan Oriol 

Estevan Oriol is an internationally celebrated photographer and director. Beginning his career as a club bouncer-turned-tour manager for popular Los Angeles-based groups Cypress Hill and House of Pain, Oriol developed his passion for photography while traveling the world. With an influential nudge and old camera from his father, photographer Eriberto Oriol, he began documenting life on the road. Today, Oriol is world-renowned for his signature portraits of athletes, artists, and musicians, as well as Latino, urban, gang, tattoo, and counterculture lifestyles. The ring-clad “L.A. Fingers” photo he took in 1995 that was once rejected by magazines for being too “gang-affiliated” pervades an archetypal Los Angeles image.


  MTN 94 Spray Paint
- 400ml.
- Low Pressure can
- Comes with a pocket cap


MTN Limited Edition Estevan Oriol

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